Prof. Dr. Mehmet AKAD


Start End Title Place
01 January 2012 - Director of the Graduate School Vocational School of Justice
01 January 2010 - Department Head Of Public Law Faculty of Law


Start End Work Position
31 March 1981 - İstanbul Üniversitesi Associate Professor
01 November 2001 - Faculty of Law Professor


Education University Department Date
PhD İstanbul Üniversitesi Faculty of Law 1975
Bachelor's Degree İstanbul Üniversitesi Faculty of Law 1970


General Public Law, Turkish History of Law,Human Rights, Political Science, Parliament Law, Election Law


Code Course Name Course Location Semester
LW-283 Turkish Law History Faculty of Law Spring
LW-123 Political Science Faculty of Law Autumn
LW-128 Public Freedoms Faculty of Law Spring
LW-125 Theories of the State Faculty of Law Autumn