The Department of Philosophy and Sociology of Law introduce students to a course list consisting of compulsory courses titled “Philosophy of Law”, “Sociology of Law”, and “Legal Thought and Methodology”, and selective courses titled “Anthropology and Law”, “Introduction to Philosophy and Philosophy of Science”, “Law, Literature and Art”, and “Gender and Law”. Compulsory courses of the department aim to train lawyers with the ability of conceptual and analytical thinking, but also, the ability to analyze law within its empirical existence and the relation between social facts and legal processes. In addition, the objective is to provide students with the ability of thinking as a lawyer and to equip students with the principles of logic and methodology required in bringing solutions to legal issues by the application of abstract norms of positive law.

Elective courses are designed for providing students with the necessary interdisciplinary perspective in legal education, and on the other hand, the scientific perspective required in any academic formation. And within this framework, by focusing on the relation of law and philosophy, law and social sciences as anthropology and sociology, law and art and literature, the department introduces students to a formation that would improve and enrich their ability of analyzing law both conceptually and empirically from a wide perspective provided by these disciplines. In this context, all courses are held on the basis of critical thinking and discussion.