Private international law governs civil and commercial law transactions and disputes that contain foreign element. Therefore, Department of Private International Law  deals with problems in which some relevant fact has a connection with a foreign country and may on that ground raise a question as to the application of foreign law to the determination of the issue or as to the exercise of jurisdiction by Turkish or foreign courts. Courses cover the areas of private international law such as the characteristics and types of the laws of conflict rules, choice of law, connecting rules, appropriateness with regard to public order, application of foreign laws and the citizenship laws, such as the general doctrines in citizenship law and with respect to Turkish citizenship law, the general principles, acquisition and loss of citizenship, proof and legal actions, international procedure law topics of the lex fori principle, international jurisdiction rules, Turkish international jurisdiction systems, the recognition and enforcement of foreign court decisions, international arbitration, the enforcement of foreign arbitration decisions and topics in foreigners' law, such as the rights of employment, purchase of immovable and inheritance.