Kadir Has University Faculty of Law began its academic journey in 2003-2004 academic year and graduated its first students in 2006-2007. Our mission is to educate students to be ethical advocates for justice and the rule of law and to know fundamental legal concepts and global legal values through the supervision of our outstanding academic staff.

KHAS Faculty of Law aims to educate lawyers who are competent in national and international law, able to analyze and interpret the law, who believe in democracy and the superiority of law, and respect human rights, who are knowledgeable and open minded, inquisitive and ready with theoretical and practical knowledge.

Through its domestic and foreign connections, KHAS Faculty of Law seeks to enable its students to benefit from academic opportunities. For this purpose, the Law School offers its students opportunities to study at Europe’s leading universities through the Sokrates-Erasmus exchange program provided within the scope of European Union education activities. In addition, the Law School organizes research projects and trips and supports its students’ participation in study abroad and exchange programs and international panels and conferences. The mandatory and fundamental courses relating to Turkish law are conducted in Turkish, whereas the courses about foreign legal systems are taught in English throughout the academic program.