Law and Information Technologies Laboratory (LITLAB)

Climate Change and Law Laboratory (CCLLAB)

Law and Information Technologies Laboratory (LITLAB) was founded in 2020 with the collaboration of our university’s Law, Management, Engineering, and Natural Sciences Faculties. Recent developments in the fields of law and technology require a multidisciplinary perspective. The LITLAB conducts research and organizes training programs in law and information technologies and legal design by following an interdisciplinary approach with the contributions of academic staff and students from different faculties.

Coordinator: Asst. Prof. Alara Efsun Yazıcıoğlu

Academic Team:
• Asst. Prof. Esra Hamamcıoğlu 
• Asst. Prof. Argun Karamanlıoğlu
• Lecturer Dr. Davut Gürses 
• Res. Asst. Çağrı Mardin 
• Res. Asst. Kaan Can Yıldırım 
• Res. Asst. Sıla Adak

• Hande Nazan Abatay (Faculty of Law Senior Student)
• Sena Bakay (Faculty of Art and Design Senior Student)
• Müge Yıldırım (Faculty of Law Junior Student)
• İlayda Yılmaz (Faculty of Art and Design Junior Student)


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With a sense of responsibility toward our planet and the right to a healthy environment, Kadir Has University Faculty of Law founded the Climate Change and Law Laboratory (CCLLAB).

We will further commit our legal research to highlight different problems posed by climate change and look into other law systems to see what solutions have been found already and how the law and court decisions have reacted to prevent, mitigate and manage the climate crisis. With these initial motivations and goals in mind, we have established CCLLAB to create a long-term platform for legal education and research on the legal side of struggling with climate change. In this sense, CCLLAB will create an opportunity to get together with world-known experts, legal scholars, and practitioners on legal aspects of climate change by organizing monthly seminars, namely “Climate Change and Law Seminars.”

Coordinator: Asst. Prof. Aslıhan Erbaş Açıkel

Vice Coordinator: Res. Asst. Ece Uyanık

• Zeynep Ertuğral, Undergrad Student
• Ayşenur Aktaş, Undergrad Student
• Büşra Ece Saygılar, Undergrad Student
• Ayça Sezer Sezer, Undergrad Student
• Gizem Dursun, Undergrad Student


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