Assistant Professor REYDA ERGÜN

D BLOK 1. KAT 233

+90 (212) 5336532 - 1458



Galatasaray University
Public Law

Master's Degree

Istanbul Bilgi University
Human Rights Law

Bachelor's Degree

Istanbul Bilgi University

Research Areas

  • Philosophy of Law
  • Political Philosophy
  • Gender and Law
  • Theories of Rights

Work Experience

2012 / Continuing Kadir Has University
Assistant Professor

2002 / 2011 İstanbul Bilgi University
Research Assistant

2006 / 2007 Córdoba National University (Argentina)
Visiting Researcher

2020 / 2021 Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Visiting Scholar

Administrative Duties

Görev Adı Görev Yeri Başlangıç tarihi Bitiş Tarihi
Program Coordinator LL.M Program in Public Law, School of Graduate Studies 19.09.2022
Member Executive Board, Gender and Women’s Studies Research Center 04.01.2016 15.01.2020
Vice Dean Faculty of Law 01.09.2014 15.01.2016
Head of Department Faculty of Law, Department of Philosophy and Sociology of Law 17.04.2012


  • Ergün, Reyda; Özenç, Berke (2020), "The Decision of the Turkish Constitutional Court on the Peace Petition: An Analysis in the Context of Freedom of Expression, Academic Freedom and the Concept of Loyalty to the State", Community and Physician, Vol.35, No.6, 419-455

Courses Offered

Course Name Course Code Period
Gender and Law (Elective Course) LAW346 2023/24 Spring
Sociology of Law (Elective Course) LAW354 2023/24 Spring
Gender and Law: Theories and Methodologies GEN650 2023/24 Spring
Gender and Human Rights LW570 2023/24 Fall
Law, Literature and Art (Elective Course) LAW449 2023/24 Fall
Philosophy of Law LW341*1 2023/24 Fall