Kadir Has University Faculty of Law cares about its contacts with various law faculties abroad for its students’ improving their career opportunities after graduation and increasing their chances of education or professional life in different countries. In addition to the international collaborations below, view Incoming Erasmus Student’s Guide here.

LLM Program Opportunity at Georgia State University for KHAS Faculty of Law Graduates

According to the program specific agreement (PSA) that has been signed between Georgia State University and Kadir Has University on 17 March 2016, Kadir Has graduates will have a special opportunity to attend the LL.M. Program For Foreign-Trained Lawyers. The agreement establishes a partnership where up to five Kadir Has graduates will be admitted to this LL.M. program each year with a tuition fee discount of up to 30%, provided that they have fulfilled the entry requirements. There are two alternatives in the LL.M. Program For Foreign-Trained Lawyers. In the first LL.M. program track, admitted students will attend the one-year program that expands their knowledge in a specific area of law before or after their admission to the bar in Turkey. In the second track, students will complete the bar-eligibility program and will be entitled to take the bar exam in Georgia (after their admission to the bar in Turkey).

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University of Salzburg Summer School European Private Law

he Summer School in European Private Law Program has been coordinated by the law faculty of the University of Salzburg each year and aims to contribute with well-known scholars to the preparation of students coming from different European countriesand to convey basic knowledge of European private law (theory and practice) from a comparative perspective. Lectures are mainly taught in English, but some lectures are taught in parallel sessions (English + German + French). Accordingly, the Summer School dealing with selected topics of European Private Law will be held between 4-16 July 2016 for the seventeenth time and our students will participate.

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The Ohio State University

St. John's University

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